The island of Formosa, formally known as Taiwan, produces some of the world's most wonderful oolongs. In these mountainous rural areas to the north and north east, oolongs are cultivated through a very careful manual processing, where a slight oxidation and fermention is attained. Pouchong oolongs are another sub-category of Formosa oolongs. They are often referred to as "Jade" oolongs as they are fermented for less time and produce a very mellow, smooth, lighter colored infusion.

 If you take a look at the leaves when brewed, the young shoots unfurl completely. You will notice the leaves are visibly fermented on there outer edges.

As with most oolongs, flavor carries through for multiple infusions.

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Jin Xuan 1oz. (Milk Oolong)

Jin Xuan 1oz. (Milk Oolong)

Jin Xuan or golden buds is a true Taiwanese milk Oolong. This tea has a...


Oolong Formosa Tung Ting 1 oz

Oolong Formosa Tung Ting 1 oz

Considered to be one of Formosa's best oolongs, these top grade leaves are hand...

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