Herbal Tea

Sometimes referred to as Tisanes or Herbal Infusions, these so called "teas" are strictly from plant sources other than the tea plant and are caffeine free. Our teas are blended with an assortment of fresh botanicals and herbs. Experience therapy in a cup.

We also offer over 100 loose herbs, contact us for more information.

Ordering these teas reflects your understanding of our Medical Disclaimer found under "Conditions of Use" in the "Information" box of this page.

BREWING: Heat water to a rolling boil. Use 1 heaping tsp herbs per 8 oz cup, or 1 oz herbs per 1 qt water. Sipping herbal teas require a 5-10 minute infusion. Medicinal and/or root teas require a 15-30 minute infusion or a 5-10 minute low simmer.

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